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MADgaver | MENY

Advertising, Packaging, POS

MENY is a Danish supermarket who brand themselves on their love of quality food, and during the holidays, MENY sells their fair of Christmas food. The Danes spend 11,5 billion kroners on Christmas gifts, and since MENY doesn’t have a non-food department, they completely miss out on their costumer's gift budget.

This is why we came up with MENY MADgaver. A gift for those who love food – and a brand-new way for a store to sell gift cards.

We invented six food-related occasions for six target audiences, ensuring there’s a gift for everyone. The gift cards are accompanied by a fun copy, a folder with recipes and a shopping list collected in a nice box, all ready to be wrapped up and placed under the Christmas tree.

MADgaver til hjemmeside.jpg